Frequently Asked Questions

Answers from the Experts

Q. Why does it feel like I pay so much for oil in December, January, and February?
A. Because you purchase oil in bulk, it seems like you are getting hit with very heavy heating bills. The solution is to set up a budget plan with your local oil dealer. By breaking up your oil bill into to 12 months, your $1,200.00 dollar oil bill for the winter will only cost you $100 per month! That way, regardless of energy prices, or weather, you have the ease of mind knowing that each payment is going toward the oil used during the heating season.

Q. Price Protection Programs, What are they?
A. Our price protection program “Cap” allows our customers to yearly sign up locking in the maximum price they will pay for oil. What this does is protect them from market conditions such as oil prices rapidly increasing. If the market price per gallon is lower then their “Cap” price, then they pay the lower price per gallon. However, if the market price rises above their “Cap” price then they will only pay their fixed cap price, protecting them against higher market conditions.

Q. Will I save oil if I update my thirty year old equipment?
A. Yes! Current oil furnaces can actually save you up to 40% on your heating bills compared to furnaces from the 70’s. With that amount of savings the new energy efficient equipment will pay for itself in an extremely short period of time.