Oil vs. Gas

Why NOT to Switch to Gas

-Oil heat IS better for our environment than gas heat. Gas heating equipment releases methane which is 20 times more likely to be caught in our atmosphere as opposed to oil heat equipment which releases carbon dioxide.

-Oil heating bills are easier to understand. Did you ever realize why the gas company charges a monthly fee to deliver gas to your home along with several other fees? With Oil heat, your bills consist only of the gallons you received so you know exactly what your paying for!

-Oil heat upgrades cost 1/4 of a gas conversion saving money immediately. Gas conversions, on average, cost $9000.00!

-At Dover Oil Company, we pride ourselves on our personalized and prompt service. From our experience, gas companies make you wait, take the day off and generally have poor service. We understand your time is valuable, and as oil is a necessity – we aim to provide it as early as possible without disrupting your business.

-Oil heat is safer than gas heat. Natural gas is explosive and lethal if inhaled. Oil heat will not explode and only burn at a temperature over 140 degrees in a vapor state.